Can You Love a Broken Girl?

Lynda Claire
2 min readJan 20
Image by 愚木混株 on Pixabay

All of these shards
Haphazardly pieced back together
She looks at her reflection
And can see nothing but the cracks
Can you see her beauty when she can't?

Her hands clench
Her fingers scratch and pick her flesh
Thoughts on loop
Sleep illudes even with exhaustion
Can you hold her close?

Trapped inside her own mind
Feeling like a burden
Words spill out
As she shares her deepest wounds and fears
Can you keep her safe?

Abuse is all she has known
So deep, she picked up
Where he left off
Brutal to her own heart
Can you see her when she’s scared?

Flinches and fear
The smallest of triggers
Breath held, chest tight
Always watching for the slightest change
Can you be her calm in her own storm?

Can you look at her
Seeing all this brokeness
And love her anyway?

Can you hold her heart
Never throwing back her words
Even when you’re mad?

Can you see the little girl
Reaching out her hand
Always worried you won’t reach back?

Can you lift her up
This beaten down
And yet somehow still shining star?

Can you wrap your arms
Around her as she trembles
While she breaks on the floor?

Can you be her strength
When she feels powerless
Against these thoughts inside her mind?

Can you remind her each day
Even on the hard days
That she is worthy?

Can you see her
Right through her facade
When she isn’t happy?

Can you try
Day after day, push after push
To stand and not back down?

Can you love a broken girl?

Lynda Claire

Seeking those moments of magic and trying to capture them with words. Exploring my depths. Living on an island at the bottom of the world.