Our Last Day

Lynda Claire
2 min readOct 7, 2022
Photo by Dmitriy Ganin: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-kissing-boyfriend-on-forehead-7790348/

If today were the last day
I got to wake up to your smile
The last few moments
I felt the tenderness of your touch

I would want you to know
How much you have changed my life
Opening my heart
To a love that I didn’t know was possible

I would want you to close your eyes
And feel my kisses upon your cheek
My hand caressing your face
Eyes full of complete adoration

I would want you to feel
Deep in your heart
A knowing that you were loved
So truly and completely cherished

I would want you to move through life
Still finding reasons to smile
Moments of joy in the little things
The way we always have

I would want you to know
That I’ll be waiting for you
With each beat of your heart
Until we became one again

I would want you to remember
The sound of our laughter
As our love burst so strongly
We had to bite and squeeze to express it

I would want you to breathe in
And hold tight to those around you
To live each moment with courage
With grace and with faith

I would want to hold you
For every moment
Your eyes being the last thing I see
Your fingertips my last sensation

I want an entire, long life with you
But if today were our last day
Remember our love
Don’t forget I’m always yours
Only yours, forever

Lynda Claire

Seeking those moments of magic and trying to capture them with words. Exploring my depths. Living on an island at the bottom of the world.