Please Don’t Hurt Her

Lynda Claire
2 min readApr 13, 2022
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

She sits in her tenderness
A soft smile on her lips
Watching the world with playful eyes
Delight in the simple things
A heart bound with hope

Softly hiding marks made
Pieces given in innocence
She kneels and waits for you
A whisp of longing
To truly be seen

Somehow through all they did
She kept that flicker safe
Tenderly guarded
Hands clasped in trepidation
Of trust and sincerity

She is patient
For she knows you’ll come
Her soul has felt you
Yet some pretend at who they are
So they may take without return

Leave her be if you don’t mean well
Let her live with her own steps of grace
Pass her by even if the ache is strong
Leave the innocence in her eyes
Please don’t hurt her

Charlatans of love
With promises false almost deceived her
But she knew you were there
The palpitation of your existence



Lynda Claire

Seeking those moments of magic and trying to capture them with words. Exploring my depths. Living on an island at the bottom of the world.